Instructions for Gobot+Shopify users as of Aug. 28, 2018 to access new Shopify specific features in Gobot

I am an existing Gobot+Shopify users as of Aug. 28, 2018.  How do I access Gobot's new Shopify specific features?  How do I access and use Gobot's new onboarding template bot for Shopify users?

If you are a pre-existing Gobot user with Gobot already installed as of Aug. 28, 2018 when the product and carousel features were released, you need to follow the steps below to accept the new permissions to gain access.  All new users that sign up for Gobot after Aug. 28, 2018 will automatically have access to these new features and the new onboarding bot for Shopify.

  • Build a bot with the new Shopify carousel or Product button in it (click here for instructions) or access Gobot's new Shopify onboarding bot as follows.

1. Click Templates  icon in navigation bar on left.

2-3. Search for "onboarding" in the left hand panel and select this search result when it turns up, which should make the template script appear in the center panel.

4. Click Use this Template and then click Save when the Bot Settings page appears - your onboarding bot should now appear in the center panel of bot build mode.

Click on the Shopify Carousel chat element in the center panel, which will open the corresponding editor in the right hand panel.  At this point you will need to enter your Shopify store url to accept the new permissions necessary to access this new feature.

This will bring you to the login page for your Shopify store where you will need to enter your Shopify username and password.  Click on the Install unlisted app button towards the bottom of the page.

Next, click on the Connect your Gobot Account button, as shown below.

Next, you will be prompted to sign in to your Gobot account.

Once logged into Gobot you will be brought back to the onboarding bot.  In the right hand editor panel for the Shopify Carousel element you will now be able to select from your Shopify collections to populate your Shopify Carousel.

At this point you have full access to the new Shopify features. You can continue to edit the onboarding bot or create new bots with these new features, as detailed here.  After you complete editing your bot click Publish towards the bottom of the center panel to make your bot live on your Shopify store.

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