Use Gobot with your helpdesk!

You can  continue to use your existing helpdesk system with Gobot., and no integration steps are required!  The key is getting inquiries submitted by your visitors to your helpdesk. Without any coding, and literally with a single mouse click, you can easily arrange to have a transcript of your bot's conversations automatically emailed to you or your helpdesk so as to generate the creation of a help ticket.  Not all transcripts will be sent to your helpdesk, Gobot automatically detects those conversations where customer visitor information has been collected, and emails only those to your helpdesk.  You can also have your bot conversations emailed to yourself or others directly.  Note that there is an intentional 10 minute delay before Gobot sends each transcript to assure that the conversation has actually closed.  Click here to see basic implementation steps.

Below is a sample bot transcript email:

USING WEBHOOKS: Another way to use Gobot with your existing help desk is by leveraging Gobot's webhook functionality.   You can use webhooks to more specifically customize the body of the email sent to your help desk.

Embed a webhook into your bot script after collecting your visitor's inquiry and instruct your bot to send the inquiry to your help desk software, which will pick it up and create a help desk ticket.  An additional benefit of this approach is that you can use your webhook to not only create a help desk ticket but also automatically create a new contact in your help desk based on information collected by your bot with any flags included in your bot script. One easy way to do this is by creating a Zap! in Zapier

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