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Can I use a chatbot to automatically answer visitor and customer questions?

Gobot's Q&A and Knowledge Base functionality effectively reduces your help desk tickets by empowering your visitors to help themselves! As they say, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime! This article focuses on Gobot's Q&A functionality. Click here when you are ready to learn about Gobot's knowledge base. Click here if you don't want to use Gobot's Knowledge Base or Q&A functionality but would rather just send inquiries submitted through Gobot to your existing help desk platform, e.g., Zendesk or Freshdesk, etc.


Use the search Q&A field to allow a visitor to search your Q&A knowledge base. While in bot build mode, drag the Q&A button from your tool palette in the right hand panel into the center build panel. 

This action positions the search Q&A field in your bot chat script and transitions the right hand panel into editor mode. The right hand panel is where you can customize the Q&A search field query.

Gobot allows you to create multiple knowledge bases. Make sure to choose the particular Gobot knowledge base you want your bot to search in the pull down menu in the right hand panel. You can also edit your knowledge base by clicking on the Add/Edit Q&As button below the knowledge base pull down menu.

Towards the bottom of the right hand panel, choose the placeholder language you would like for your Q&A search field, e.g., "Search FAQs".

Choose between different Q&A display modes for your bot: User response field, Chat bubble search field, and Full screen mode.

In User response field mode, a field appears at the bottom of the bot chat window allowing a user to type his or her question in free form. This mode is useful if you want to stop the conversation entirely until your visitor enters a search query.

In Chat bubble search field mode your Q&A search field can be embedded between other chat bubble. This mode is useful to alert your visitors to your search capability without interrupting the flow of the conversation. Chat bubbles appearing after the Q&A field will appear without any delay. In other words, unless the visitor actively clicks on the Q&A search field bubble, the conversation sequentially moves on to the next chat bubble. At any point, however, your visitor can click on the Q&A search field bubble and this will open the search window in full chat window mode. 

In Full chat window mode the Q&A search field occupies the entire chat window. If you want to use your Gobot purely as a help bot that allows your visitors to search your knowledge base for self-help, this mode is for you. If the Q&A search field is in full chat window mode, and is the first bubble in your bot script, as soon as your bot is opened your visitor will be greeted with a full bot chat window search functionality. If your Q&A search field is preceded by a preliminary chat bubble, such bubble will be displayed first but then as soon as the Q&A search field bubble is reached the entire chat window will be occupied with the search field functionality.

Even before your visitors search, popular Q&A or articles appear as suggestions below the search field in both Full chat window and Chat bubble search field modes. Clicking on any of these suggestions opens up the relevant Q&A or article directly in Gobot.

To illustrate, we can publish the bot and then load the chat on the website. In this example, we use a different bot intended to help visitors choose a cold remedy.  As illustrated in the chat below, after the user clicks the Ask Question quick reply the script then progresses to the Search Q&A element, which makes the field appear on the bottom of the chat window where the visitor can type his or her question.  After the visitor enters a query, the chat window becomes occupied with the search field and suggested responses. The three highest ranked search results will appear below the search field. Clicking on View more results will reveal additional search results.

Clicking on any individual response will open that article in the chat window.

Clicking the crossed arrows in the upper right hand corner of the chat window will open the article up in a separate tab. Clicking on the back arrow in the upper left hand corner of the chat window will bring you back to the search results. Clicking on the back arrow in the chat window again will bring you back to the original chat. The Q&A field will appear as a separate chat element and any chat bubbles after the Q&A field will appear in consecutive order. Clicking on the Q&A chat element will bring you back to the full screen search mode.

To learn about how to train your bot so as to make sure it is suggesting the most relevant articles in your knowledge base, click here

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