Longer Chatbot Scripts

Question: The longer my Gobot script gets the more challenging it becomes to visualize and/or edit my script in the center build panel. What should I do?


Gobot is the easiest to use bot creation platform on the market! Gobot's long list of tools allows you to include many different elements into your bot script. Gobot also allows you to nest quick replies within each other to create rather elaborate scripts with many different branches. In light of all of these options and possibilities users are creating more and more elaborate scripts. Longer scripts are necessarily more challenging to follow and visualize. We recommend the following to deal with longer scripts:

  1. If your bot script is already created, you can use the +/- magnifying glass icons, accessible in the burger menu, to zoom in and out of your script. This is give you more of a bird's eye view of your script.
  2. You can also use the collapse/expand buttons adjacent the magnifying glass in the burger menu to minimize quick reply branches hiding each branch's content, which allows you to more readily see the conversation branches (akin to removing the leaves from a tree). You can also use the collapse/expand button in the header of each individual quick reply branch or jump bucket to selectively reveal the content of particular branches of your bot script.  In the image below the Jump Bucket named Menu is in the expanded state and the second quick reply is contracted or collapsed.
  3. Make sure you are in tabbed view mode for quick replies (default) rather than stacked.  You can toggle between these modes via the burger menu.

If you are still in the process of building your bot, we recommend you use Gobot's Jump Bucket and Jump features to minimize the required length of your bot script. Include portions of your script that you expect to repeat inside a Jump Bucket and then use the Jump tool throughout your script to jump to the Bucket and back as needed. 

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