Tracking Shopify Revenue Generated by your Bot

Does Gobot track the revenue attributable to my chatbot on my Shopify store?

Yes! Gobot's analytics track your bot's success in terms of sales actually realized by your chatbot.  Click here to learn more about how to sell product on your Shopify store using your bot.  The bot tracks clicks of the Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons attributable to your bot, both in that chat window and on your site, provided the bot directed the visitor to these buttons, and this "Revenue Generated" metric is shared with your on your main dashboard.  The Revenue Generated metric on your dashboard tracks the currency used by your store, and only includes actual sales realized.  In other words, if someone clicks Buy Now in your bot but doesn't ultimately go on to make a purchase this would not contribute to the Revenue Generated metric tracked by Gobot.

A couple of notes:

  • As there is a queueing of data, there will be a delay before your orders are reflected in your Revenue Generated chart on your dashboard.
  • The amount reflected in your Revenue Generated chart is only for the price of the individual product(s) which are attributed to a Gobot chat. The amount doesn’t include tax or shipping costs.
  • Gobot only tracks fully captured sales.  So your Revenue Generated stat will only be updated after you take the "Capture order payments" Action for your order in your Gobot store.  To do this, after a customer buys a product through Gobot, go to your Shopify admin panel, click on All orders, select the relevant order from the list, click on the Actions pull down menu, click on "Capture order payments" and refresh screen to make sure that the order is marked as "Paid".  After you do all this, after a delay (see note above), you should see your Revenue Generated stat on your Gobot dashboard increase consistent with the sales price of the item.

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