The Style of your Gobot Chat Window and Button

You can set the look and feel of your bot by clicking on the Style tab towards the top of the Bot Settings page. Under the Style tab you can control the background/accent and text color, as well as the transparency and positioning of your bot. If you chose "Remains on your site at all times" under the General tab, you will find additional style options under the Style tab. Below your bot customization options you will find various options for the clickable element, i.e., the widget, that will reside on your site - you can choose between a tab, button and chat bubble. If you choose a chat bubble you can upload an image that will appear adjacent the chat bubble. Further, you can control the color and placement of your widget. Note that you can also adjust the styling of your bot and widget when in Test mode.

The fields are self-explanatory but let's go through them quick.  You can tweak the "Conversation with" header as well as change the background/accent color and text color of your chat window.  It is recommended that you use a color picker to exactly match the colors of your website.  You can also choose whether your chat window appears on the right side or left side of your screen and whether your chat window occupies the full height of the screen or partial height.  Under the Position and Full Height selectors,  you can choose the transparency of your chat window.  As show below, the more you increase the transparency the more you can see your website through the chat window.  Finally, you can also adjust the chat speed in this tab.  This setting allows you to choose a comfortable speed for the flow of your bot bubbles.  For more information on chat speed, click here.

The images below assume you chose "Remains on your site at all times".  If you chose "Pops up under certain conditions" in the General tab only the above Chat Style (not Widget Style) options appear. Given that in this scenario you've opted for the an embedded widget on your website, you need to select between a tab, button and a bubble type in the Widget Type field and also enter text to appear inside these elements in the Widget Text field.

Next, in the Position field, choose where on the screen you want to fix your widget tab/button/bubble, etc.  You can select whatever side of the screen best fits your website and the exact position along each side.  You can also select the color of your tab/button/bubble and the text that appears inside.  If you select a bubble, you also have the option of choosing an image, e.g., a photo of your representative, to appear alongside the bubble.  You can either upload an image using your file directory or upload an image you have already used on Gobot by clicking on the Select from media gallery button.

Gobot bot settings page where you can adjust your chatbot response speed

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