Track your bot's conversions using Google Ads (Adwords)

This article details how you can track conversions generated by your bot originating from a Google Ad (Adwords).

Your bot can fire a Conversion Event corresponding to your bot goal.  As shown below, you can easily set a bot goal by dragging the Google Ads element into your bot script immediately after the bot element in your script you identify, effectively, as your goal post.  So if the goal for your bot is, for example, to collect a lead's email, drag the Google Ads button directly after the Collect Email field in your bot script.  When your bot script gets to the Collect Email field and collects your visitor's email Gobot will send Google Ads a Conversion Event.

Paste the Conversion ID and Conversion Label you get from Google Ads in the right hand panel of your bot builder after dragging the Google Ads button into your bot script, as shown above.

That's it! As soon as your bot reaches the Google Ads element in your bot script your bot will fire a conversion event that will be picked up by Google Ads.

Please note that it may take a couple of hours for Google Ads to update.  So give it some time after your bot first runs when conducting your testing!


As a preliminary step, if you haven't already, you'll need to install your Google global site tag on your website in order for this feature to function.

Set up a Conversion Action in Google Ads

Conversion tracking requires you to setup something called a Conversion Action in your Google Ads (Adwords) account. If you need help setting it up, check this article.

Two tips as to setting up your Conversion Action for Gobot:

In the Event snippet section, under Choose whether to track conversions on a page load or click - be sure to select Click

You might also want to set the Conversion Count as One. This is used when the conversion is, for example, a Sign-Up or a Lead, where one user filling multiple lead forms is still one conversion. As opposed to an e-commerce purchase, where every product sale is a separate conversion.

Once you setup a Conversion Action in your Google Ads account, you will have access to two codes, a Conversion ID and a Conversion Label.

Your Conversion ID is the same as your Remarketing Tag code and it looks something like this:
(You may have to add AW- in front of your Conversion ID).

Your Conversion Label is specific to a particular Conversion Action and you can find it under Google Tag Manager subsection, once you setup your Conversion Action.

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