Copying or dupicating your bot

There is no button to duplicate your bot.  However, you can accomplish this in two different ways.

First, you can convert your bot into a template and then create a new bot off the template.  Clicking on the burger menu (to the right of the Publish or Publish Changes button) will reveal a number of choices, one of which is Create Template. Clicking on this option will add your new template to the left hand panel listing of templates, accessible by clicking on the templates icon in the navigation bar.

Alternatively, you can leverage Jump buckets to effectively duplicate the content of your bot.  Jump buckets can be easily copied into any bot.  Drag a Jump bucket into the bot you want to copy.  Drag all of the bot script elements into the Jump bucket.  Give the Jump bucket a name you can readily identify.  Next, create a new bot and drag a new Jump bucket into the bot script center panel.  In the right hand panel for the Jump bucket element, click on "Copy bucket from another bot".  In this way you can leverage Jump buckets to effectively copy the content of one bot into a new bot.

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