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How do I access my chatbot transcripts?

So your bot is up and running engaging your website visitors left and right, collecting valuable information hand over fist! You can access all of this information in the aggregate using Gobot's analytics by clicking the Responses button. You can also review your bot's chat transcripts individually, which is the focus of this article.

Adjacent each bot title in the bot dashboard (or in the left hand panel when in the Bot Building mode), is a Transcripts button. 

Clicking on this Transcripts button shows all chats associated with that particular bot in the left hand panel. 

Gobot's transcript mode including tag filtering

Clicking on a particular chat in the left panel makes the transcript appear in the center panel in full form. The transcripts reveals both messages sent by Gobot (left justified) as well as your website visitor's response (right justified), whether they be typewritten answers or selection of multiple choices or responses to polls, etc.

You can see information collected by Gobot about the website visitor that was involved in the chat in the right hand panel. For example, the right hand panel may include the chatter's name, email address, company name or any other information the bot may have collected. 

Chats can be filtered based on any tags applied to the chat, e.g., follow-up, high potential, etc., all of which are accessible via the pulldown menu in the left hand panel.

Gobot's transcript mode including tag filtering

All chats that involved some engagement with a visitor are automatically included in the Engaged folder in the left hand panel drop down menu.

Before concluding, I should note that you can also access your bot transcripts from the bot builder by clicking on the Transcripts button below each bot name in the left hand panel of the bot builder.

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