How to Install the Gobot Widget (third-party livechat and chatbot app) on your Magento Site

Gobot can work on all websites. Follow the steps below to get Gobot running on your Magento site quickly in two steps.

  • Create a chatbot

The first step is to create your bot and retrieve its embed code. In Gobot, after clicking Publish and then Instal Gobot, you click Copy to clipboard to copy your embed code. See the section focused on publishing of this Gobot guide if you require step-by-step instructions.

  • Paste embed code into your Magento site

The second step is to add the Gobot embed code you just copied to your Magento site - the footer of your site when possible.

Head on over to and login into your admin account. To add the campaign embed code to your site, click on CMS in the drop down menu and select Static Blocks (CMS > Static Blocks). Next, from the Static Blocks screen, select the "Footer Link SMS" block to edit.

Finally, paste the embed code we previously copied from Gobot into the Content field, below the existing HTML. That's it - but be sure to save your work.

Your Gobot is now officially connected to Magento! Go back to the Gobot tab in your browser, click on one of the pre-built bots in the left hand panel (chosen for you based on the goal you indicated in the signup process) or script your bot from scratch, and then click Publish and make live. Next time you visit your Magento site your new bot will welcome you!

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