Importing Shopify Products into your Chatbot

How do I use my chatbot on a Shopify store to sell in a conversational way?

Enable your Shopify store visitors to rediscover shopping in a super interactive, visual, personalized, and conversational way! And track the revenue generated on your Gobot dashboard.

The examples below leverage the following buttons in your right hand panel in bot build mode.

Note: If you are a pre-existing Gobot user with Gobot already installed as of Aug. 28, 2018 when the product and carousel features were released, you need to accept the new permissions to gain access - click here to see the steps.  All new users that sign up for Gobot after Aug. 28, 2018 will automatically have access to these new features.


Gobot's deep integration with Shopify allows you to easily import your Shopify store products directly into your chatbot.  Use this functionality to talk through product selections and upsell customers.  For example, check out the simple bot below.

Dragging the Product button into your bot script in the center panel allows you to choose from all of the products on your Shopify store in the right hand panel. 

Click on the Select product button above to reveal a list of all of your Shopify store product, as shown below.

Once you drag the Product button into your script, it will appear in the center panel as shown below.  

Of note, if you change the image (or other information) associated with the products referenced in the above bot script in your Shopify store, these changes will automatically be updated and reflected in Gobot.  There is no need to actively sync your Shopify store with your bot - Gobot's got you covered!


Expanding beyond example 1, we can include  products from your Shopify store directly in quick reply options.  Doing so allows you to present different product options to your customers and then present different bot scripts specific to each product choice.  To learn more about how you can leverage quick replies to branch your bot conversation, click here.   Check out this example bot.  


By way of another example, check out this third bot including a cascade of carousels with your Shopify products leveraging Gobot's Shopify Carousel button.  You will note that the Shopify carousel functionality is built-in to your primary bot - the bot you are initially set up with when signing on to Gobot for the first time.

To build a chatbot like this all you need to do is use a Quick Reply to branch your conversation (choose Text option) and then drag the Carousel button from the right hand panel in bot build mode into the center panel in the Accessories branch of your Quick Reply.  Once you drag the Carousel button into your script in the center panel,  it will appear as shown below.  In this example, you will note that the green Shopify Carousel script line reads "2 collections" because we selected two collections from our Shopify store.  The first carousel will allow the visitor to choose between these two collections and then the second carousel will allow the visitor to choose from products in the selected category.

Dragging the Carousel button into the center panel transforms the right hand panel from a tool palette to an editor panel for your carousel. You can always access this right hand panel by simply clicking on the Carousel button in your existing chatbot script.  As shown below, you will first need to identify the category of products you want to include in your Shopify carousel.

After clicking the Add Selected button above, the right hand panel looks like this:

Here you have the option of reordering or editing the categories in your carousel and adding Buy Now and/or Add to Cart buttons below each product in your carousel.  You have the option to pause the conversation with your visitor until a product in your carousel is clicked.  You also have the option of navigating to the Shopify product page for the product selected. This way the background webpage changes in sync with the conversation with your visitor.

When your chatbot reaches the Carousel script element, in this example after clicking on the Accessories button, the visitor will be presented with a cascade of carousels including your products from your Shopify store, as shown in the bot images above.

Of note, the products in your Shopify carousels are automatically updated when you update your Shopify store.  There is no need to modify your chatbot each time your store inventory changes.  Further, Gobot's analytics track your bot's success in terms of sales generated by Gobot and items added to your cart via Gobot.

Just as a reminder, while your Gobot carousel can access all of your Shopify collections, you will need to organize your product collections directly in your Shopify store.  Below is a snapshot of a sample Shopify store.  Click on Collections for a list of your collections and then either create a new collection or edit an existing collection as you see fit.


You can use Gobot to upsell or cross-sell your customers in a host of different ways.  Below is just one example.

To accomplish the above upsell, set your bot to appear on one of your product pages - select the desired product page URL under the General tab of Bot Settings.  Include in your bot the Product or Carousel button to offer complimentary or similar products to the product featured on the product page your visitor is viewing.  As a preliminary step, you will need to create an Upsell collection in your Shopify store - this will include product that is either complimentary to the product being viewed, often purchased with the product being viewed, and/or other product often viewed by customers that viewed this product, etc.  When you drag the Carousel button into your bot script you will be presented with a list of all of your Shopify collections to choose from.  At this point, select one of your upsell categories and then script your bot appropriately.


As detailed here, Gobot boasts  full transcript functionality.  Below is screenshot of a sample transcript with a bot on an ecommerce store.  You will note that Gobot clearly lays out the customers' choices and all product pages navigated to.


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