Shopify Troubleshooting

  • Have trouble getting Gobot loaded on your Shopify store?

Follow these trouble-shooting steps:

Make sure that you can access the Gobot page from your Shopify admin dashboard. It should show that your account is connected, show the list with your bot(s), and show the bot(s) as active.  If you don't see the Gobot page then the Gobo tapp isn't installed.

If you haven't connected your account yet then you should see a "Connect your Gobot Account" button.  Click Connect and you should be good.

If Gobot is connected but you don't see your bot listed on the Gobot page then you need to make sure your bot has been published.  Go to your bot dashboard in Gobot by clicking the bot icon in the navigation bar.  Select your bot from the list and then click the Publish button towards the bottom of the page.  Also, make sure you entered the correct URL for your bot to run on.  Click on the Bot Settings button towards the bottom right hand corner of the screen and enter the correct URL above the Save button in the Bot Settings page that pops open.

If you bot is listed as inactive/paused then you need to make your bot live.  Select your bot in the bot build mode of Gobot and click Make Live towards the bottom of the screen.  If none of the above works, try disconnecting Gobot and then reconnecting Gobot by clicking on the Disconnect and then Reconnect buttons on your Gobot dashboard.  If this doesn't work try uninstalling Gobot and then reinstalling Gobot. 

If Gobot has been loaded successfully, and you are having issues getting a particular bot to run, try clearing cookies, closing and reopening your browser window, and then running your bot again - this does the trick 9 out of 10 times!  Also, try running your website in incognito mode to see if your bot runs - this avoids cookies from setting that may otherwise prevent your bot from appearing.

  • Having trouble using the new Product and Carousel buttons?

If you are a pre-existing Gobot user with Gobot already installed as of Aug. 28, 2018 when these new features were released, you need to go into your Gobot app from your Shopify dashboard and accept the new permissions - click here for step-by-step instructions.  All new users that sign up for Gobot after Aug. 28, 2018 will automatically have access to these features.

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