Gobot Email Marketing and CRM Integrations with Klaviyo, Drip, Mailchimp, Aweber, and Constant Contact

Gobot integrates with popular CRMs and email marketing platforms.

Gobot sends chatter name, telephone address, email address, permissions, tags and custom properties/fields collected by your chatbot or shoppable quiz to your platforms. We discuss each of these items below individually.

Note: Awber and Constant Contact do not accept tags and events. Gobot, however, can still be used to enroll a chatter that has volunteered his or her email to an email list.

Note further: none of the above data will be transferred unless your bot also collects a visitor's email address.


By dragging the Email Field button into your bot script you can get your bot to collect emails.  You can also use this functionality to trigger the sending of an email or email sequence by adding the collected email to an email list in one of the email marketing automation systems Gobot integrates with, e.g., MailChimp, Klaviyo, Drip, Aweber, Constant Contact, etc. All you need to do is choose the email marketing system in the right hand panel (see images below) and connect it to Gobot.

Step 1: Drag the Email Field button into your bot script

Step 2: Click Show advanced options in the right hand panel

Step 3: Click Configure New Account and select your email marketing platform and list

Easy, right? If you follow the above steps, all emails collected by your bot will be automatically added to a campaign of your choosing in your email marketing software of choice.

Don't use a separate email marketing platform? No worries! You can also use Gobot directly to send emails to website visitors chatting with your chatbots.  Click here to learn more.


Dragging the Tag element into your chat flow or shoppable quiz flow tags a chatter once the conversation flow reaches that tag element.  You can opt to pass the applied tag to your CRM and email marketing platforms as appropriate by selecting an integrated service in the right hand panel. In the right hand panel you can select what service you want the tag passed to.  

Next, similar to the steps outlined above, click Configure a new account in the right hand panel and select a provider.


You can easily pass valuable customer profile data collected by your shoppable quiz into your CRM or email marketing platform.  After creating your quiz in quiz or product finder mode, and dragging the quiz / product finder element into the center panel of the bot builder (quiz building instructions here), you can opt to pass quiz data, including shopper responses and product recommendations output by your quiz),  into your CRM or email marketing platform.  In the  right hand panel, under CRM Integration, select your provider and follow the steps to connect your account to Gobot.  Note that you can pass data into multiple systems simultaneously.  Note further that your quiz data will not pass unless your bot also collects a visitor's email address.

After a visitor engages with your shoppable quiz within approximately 15 minutes their information will be synced with your email platform.  By way of example, see a sample customer Drip profile below.

On the left side you'll note that name and telephone number collected by the bot is included in the Drip person record.  Also, because "Subscriber granted consent" was checked off in Gobot, the EU consent is also listed.

Under Tags, you will see listed any tags applied by your bot script.  For example, based on qualifications answered by a visitor you might tag a visitor as a High Value Lead.

Listed under Custom Fields are responses to each question presented by the quiz. In this quiz one question was presented inquiring as to a shopper's preferred fit for jeans ("gobot_preferred_jeans_fit") and the shopper selected two jean fits that suited him: stretchy and baggy.

You will also find the recommendations presented to the chatter after completing the quiz under Value.  In this case, "gobot_recommended_jeans" was the name of the quiz as set in Gobot and is included under Identifier.


If you want your chatbot and shoppable quiz events to be sent to your platforms, you'll need to turn this setting on in Bot Settings/Advanced/Integrations.

Currently, Gobot tracks the following events:

[list events]

By way of example, these events show up in you Klaviyo timeline as follows:


Leverage these tracked events to trigger automations in your platforms.  For example, send informational materials to a chatter that viewed a particular help article while chatting.  Also, if your visitor completed a shoppable quiz but didn't buy the recommended product follow up with a retargeting email highlighting how how great the recommended product is.

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