Build a Bot with Shopify Order Status Functionality!

Use your chatbot to automatically address customer order status inquiries.  Customers will be asked to enter their order number or email address and the bot will return the status of the customer's most recent order.  This functionality is built in the bot that is auto-published on your site when you sign up for Gobot.  In order to add this functionality to a new bot, all you need to do is drag the Order Status button from the right hand panel in bot build mode into your bot script as shown below.

In the right hand editor panel, you can edit the wording of the message where the bot asks for the customer's email or order number, as well as the wording in the field where the customer enters this information.  

Further, although not shown in the image above, in a more recent version of Gobot we added the ability to include the Shopify Order Status URL in your order status update message.  This option can be toggled on/off in the right hand panel of the order status element. We recommend turning this option on because the Shopify Order Status page includes the status of each item in your most recent order. For privacy reasons, Gobot hides personally identifiable information in the Shopify Order Status page, e.g., name, address, etc.

By way of example, below is a screenshot of a bot  responding to a customer's order status inquiry.  The bot response will depend on the status of the order.  For example, the bot will indicate whether your order has been processed, canceled, paid for, whether it has been shipped, and if it has already been delivered, etc.

You can always include the Order Status button in a Quick Reply labeled Check Order Status (like in the bot that is auto-published on your site when you signed up for Gobot).  Another option to make this functionality available to visitors is via the Search Q&A button in the right hand panel in bot build mode.  As a first step, drag the Search Q&A button into your bot script in the center panel as shown below.

This action opens the Search Q&A editor in the right hand panel.  Here you can choose the keywords that will allow for the Check Order Status option to show up as a search result when your visitor inquires about his or her order status.

Running the above bot results in a conversation that looks like this:

You will note that because the keyword "order" was used in the visitor's query, the "Check Order Status" search result appears as the first search result.  Clicking on the Check Order Status result above results in the bot asking for an order number or email as shown a couple of figures above.

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