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How do I access the contacts and leads generated by my chatbots?

Contacts your chatbot engages with are accessible in Gobot's Contacts page. A visitor is only added to your contacts if they have provided at least their name or email.  A chat transcript is identified by an unique transcript number, rather than by visitor name or email, if the visitor doesn't become a contact.

You can access your contacts by clicking on the Contacts icon in the vertical navigation bar on the left hand side of the Gobot screen. Clicking on the Contacts icon will reveal a list of your contacts in the center panel. Clicking on any particular contact in the center panel list will reveal (a) a list of all chats this contact has ever engaged in with any of your bots below the contact name, and (b) information about this contact in the right hand panel. Click here to see how you can use fields of information concerning your contact, e.g., first name, to personalize your bot script. 

You can delete any of your contacts by clicking on the Delete button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  You can also export data Gobot has stored on any particular contact by clicking on the Export button adjacent the delete button.  You website visitors may request that you delete their data or share with them all data your bot has collected, and they may have such rights under Europe's GDPR privacy rules. Gobot's Delete and Export functionality facilitate your compliance. For more information about Privacy and GDPR, click here.

You can also take a bot specific approach to to access information about your contacts. After clicking Transcripts under any given bot in the left hanel panel of bot builder, a list of chats previously engaged in by that bot will appear in the left hand panel. You can find more information about bot chat transcripts here.  Once you choose a particular chat in the left hand panel, the transcript will appear in the center panel and information concerning the contact that engaged in that particular chat with your bot will appear in the right hand panel.

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