Gobot Chatbot Privacy & Geographic Exclusion

This article details Gobot's geographic trigger.

Certain jurisdictions impose tougher privacy laws than others.  For example, Europe's GDPR privacy law is much more onerous to comply with than US privacy laws.  You can leverage all of Gobot's privacy features to make sure your bot collects personal data in a compliant manner for all jurisdictions. Alternatively, you might consider using different bots for different geographies or perhaps not having your bot appear to visitors from regions whose laws you may not be prepared to comply with.

You can also use Gobot's geographic trigger to facilitate understanding of your bot by your visitors. For example, you can use this feature to make sure that a bot scripted in Russian only appears for visitors based in Russian speaking countries, etc.

You can access the geographic trigger settings by clicking on Bot Settings in Bot build mode, and then clicking the Triggers tab.

Under Site Visitor Triggers, toggle the on/off button to on and then choose either to include particular regions or exclude particular regions.

In the example above, the bot will only appear to visitors in North America.  You can also proactively exclude certain regions by clicking on the "Do not show this chatbot to visitors from selected region(s)" and then selecting the region(s) you would like to exclude.


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