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How can I use my chatbot to provide notice required under GDPR and other privacy laws?

Use Gobot to facilitate your compliance with privacy laws, including but not limited to, Europe's privacy regulation GDPR. Complying with global privacy laws can be very complex and costly if you get it wrong.  Gobot is the tool you have been waiting for!

Gobot makes it very easy for you to provide the notice required under GDPR.  When collecting personal data certain privacy laws, including GDPR, may require that you provide notice in your bot script clarifying, among other things, exactly how long you will hold onto the data, what you will use it for, who you will share it with, how the visitor can seek to opt out later, whether the visitor’s data will be used to make automated decisions, the relevant legal bases for processing, and means to communicate with you.

You could certainly include notice of all these things directly in your bot script using the regular text button, but this would make for a rather bulky bot script weighed down in legalese! Instead, rely on Gobot's built-in notice functionality, which makes it real easy for you to provide the required privacy notice in a clear and trackable manner.  Via Gobot's notice functionality, a "Consult consent details" link will appear below each field where you collect personal data (assuming you enable this feature, as shown below).  When visitors engaging your bot click on this notice link, it will reveal your full notice and disclose how you plan to use the information you are collecting from your visitors.

Clicking on the "Consult consent details" link above will open your Notice page. You can include whatever notice is appropriate for the jurisdiction where your bot is appearing.  The text box is pre-populated with the following notice below, which may be appropriate for European customers per GDPR but please consult with your lawyer.  You can edit the pre-populated notice text as you deem fit.

How to enable your bot's notice functionality:

Notice is required under GDPR when you collect personal information.  Your bot can collect personal information using the Email Field or Text Field buttons.

When you drag either of these buttons into your bot script in the center panel in bot build mode, this will open your editor in the right hand panel.  For example, after dragging the Text Field button, the right hand panel reveals the following options:

This is where you will find the "Show consent details link" check box button, which will conveniently enable your legal notice and assure that your "Consult consent details" link appears in your bot below the text field where you collect personal information from your visitors (show above).  To edit the content of your notice, i.e., the text that appears to your visitor if/when they click on the "Consult consent details" link, click on the green Edit Consent Notice button, shown above.  Doing so will reveal the Notice text box where you can enter whatever notice you might want to provide to visitors engaging your bot and providing their personal information via the Text Field you included in your bot script.


That wraps up the Notice section.  Hoping you find the pre-populated text handy to make sure you provide sufficient notice under GDPR.  Either way, please consult with your lawyer.


This website is not intended to provide legal advice.  You should not rely on this website for such, nor as a recommendation as to a particular legal understanding. Our goal is to provide background information to help you understand how Gobot has addressed some important legal points.  This information is not the same as legal advice where a lawyer applies the law to your particular circumstance.  Therefore, we suggest that you consult a lawyer to seek assistance in the interpretation of this information including its accuracy.

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