ActiveCampaign Integration with Gobot

Gobot's integration with ActiveCampaign allows you to pass data collected by your chatbots and shoppable quizzes over to ActiveCampaign. For example, you can use your chatbot and/or shoppable quiz as an email or SMS opt in and then send this contact information over to ActiveCampaign for retargeting.  

Gobot sends chatter first name, last name, telephone address, and email address collected by your chatbot or shoppable quiz to ActiveCampaign.

None of the above data will be transferred unless your bot also collects a visitor's email address - so we discuss email collection below first.


By dragging the Email Field button into your bot script you can get your bot to collect emails.  You can also use this functionality to trigger the sending of an email or email sequence by adding the collected email to an email list in ActiveCampaign. All you need to do is choose ActiveCampaign in the right hand panel (see images below) and connect it to Gobot.

Step 1: Drag the Email Field button into your bot script.

Step 2: Click Show advanced options in the right hand panel.

Step 3: Click Configure New Account and paste your Active Campaign API URL and API Key/Token.

As an initial step, click Configure New Account in the right hand panel, select ActiveCampaign from the list and then click Add selected account.

If this is the first time connecting your Active Campaign account to Gobot, you will be asked to paste your ActiveCampaign URL and API Key/Token into Gobot. You will also be asked to select the email list in ActiveCampaign that you want updated with data collected by Gobot.

Log into ActiveCampaign, click the gear icon in the left hand navigation bar and then click Developer.  This will reveal your API Access URL and API Key/Token under API Access, as shown below, which you should copy. Paste the API URL and API Key in the API Access URL API Token fields in Gobot, as shown above.

Done. Easy, right? If you follow the above steps, all emails (as well as name and telephone number) collected by your bot will be automatically added to your contact in ActiveCampaign.  If the email belongs to a new contact, Gobot will create a new contact in ActiveCampaign. Also, the email address associated with the account will be added to any ActiveCampaign email list you selected in Gobot.

If you drag the Gobot Collect Reply element (rather than the Email Field element) from the right hand panel into your bot script, and select First Name, Last Name, or Telephone from the drop down list, a similar right hand panel will appear. 

Under Advanced Options you can connect to ActiveCampaign so that whatever your bot is collecting using the Collect Reply element, whether that be First Name, Last Name or Telephone, will also be passed to ActiveCampaign.

It may take 15-20 minutes for ActiveCampaign to reflect data passed over by Gobot after a chat is closed.

On a final note, if you are looking to send one off emails to website visitors chatting with your chatbot, you can do so directly in Gobot using Gobot's email functionality. Click here to learn more.

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