Gobot Chatbot Templates and Examples

How do I get started quick with a chatbot template?

Gobot includes a number of popular easy-to-use templates that can get your bot up and running in no time. All of the Gobot templates are easily accessible on the main screen by clicking on the Templates icon in the vertical navigation bar. A brief summary of each template is included below the template name. Click on a template of your choosing and you will note that the bot template script appears in the center panel. Next click on the Use this Template button at the bottom of the center panel. This will open the Bot Setup page, which will already include a number of bot settings appropriate for the template you chose. For example, if you chose a template designed to trigger a 0-10 exit survey when the user's cursor exits the website window, then this exit sensitive bot trigger will already be chosen by default in the bot settings. With that said, all of the bot settings in the Bot Setup page can be changed to your liking. If you are satisfied with the template settings and want to get your bot up and running as fast as possible there are only two settings you should change:

1. Name your bot and associate it with a campaign

2. Enter the website url where you want your bot to appear

After finalizing your bot settings click Save and Continue at the bottom of the settings page. This will bring you back to the main screen where you can customize your new bot, using any of the drag n' drop tools from the tool palette in the right hand panel. Note that your new bot is now listed in the left hand panel.

If you really like the bot you create, you have the option of saving it as a template for later use. Clicking on the burger menu (to the right of the Publish or Publish Changes button) will reveal a number of choices, one of which is Create Template. Clicking on this option will add your new template to the left hand panel listing of templates, accessible by clicking on the templates icon in the navigation bar.

Privacy tip: We suggest you modify the templates to satisfy your local privacy laws.  For example, if your bot collects certain types of personal information, particular jurisdictions might require that your bot proactively provide notice as to what you will use the collected personal information for, how long you might retain this information, and also how the person volunteering the information can request that it be deleted.  We suggest you update your templates to provide whatever notice is required to comply with local law.  If you do not have the resources or time to modify your bot to be compliant in a particular region, the easy approach is to configure your bot simply not appear to visitors in such region.  This geographic trigger and exclusion setting is accessible under the Triggers tab of the Bot Settings page.  Gobot is flexible and sensitive to privacy!

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