Getting Started for Shopify Users

Welcome to Gobot!  This short article will help you get Gobot up and running on your Shopify site tout de suite!

 Click here for help Gobot installed on your Shopify site.  Click here to get generally acquainted with Gobot's interface. 

Truth is, there's not much you really need to do to start leveraging Gobot's basic functionality.  After loading Gobot on your Shopify store, Gobot will be automatically published on your store website and start engaging your visitors 24/7.  

Go to your site and confirm that Gobot is running.  Below is what Gobot looks like on an example website.

Upon click of the Gobot button or after your visitor remains on your site for at least 15 seconds (you can always edit this setting, to find out how click here) your bot will appear and look like this:

For Gobot users that signed up for Gobot prior to Aug. 28, 2018 you will need to load the Shopify onboarding template and publish it on your site before moving forward.  Click here for step-by-step instructions.


The look, feel and position of the Gobot button and chat window can be easily edited to best match your website.  Click here for more information and scroll to the Style section.  Instead of a button you can choose a tab or a chat bubble with a photo.  You can also easily tweak color, transparency, and position.  To access these settings, click on Bot Settings or Configure, and then the Style tab.


If you want to pause Gobot while you make edits go into your bot dashboard and turn off your bot using the toggle in the right-most column under Status.  Alternatively, go into bot build mode and click Pause towards the bottom of the center panel.


You can change your bot any way you like!  It's all drag n' drop, no coding required, promise.  Click here for basic bot building instructions and here for a more in-depth bot building article.  Generally speaking, while in bot build mode you can click on any chat bubble in the center panel, and then modify that bubble in the right hand editor panel.  You can also easily add new chat bubbles by dragging buttons from the right hand panel into the center panel where you would like the chat bubble to appear. After modifying your bot you will need to click Publish towards the bottom of the center panel in bot build mode for the changes to appear on your website.

With Gobot you can have as many bots running at the same time as you like on the same or different web pages. For example, in addition to the bot that is already set up for you when you sign up to Gobot (your primary bot), you may want an additional bot to, say, poll your website visitors.  Unlike your primary bot, you might want this bot to only appear for first time visitors from a particular geographic region and on select web pages.  Gobot allows you to control when your bot appears and to what audience as detailed here.  If you decide to use multiple bots on your site you're gonna want to make sure they don't appear at the same time or in any way interfere  with each other, as detailed in this article.  You can also tap any of Gobot's 100+ bot templates for bot ideas, as detailed here.


Once your bot is up and running for a little while you are going to want to see how your bot is actually doing and review the information collected by your bot from your website visitors.  You can do this by clicking Analytics and Transcripts in your bot dashboard, as can be seen just to the right of the bot name above.  To learn more about Analytics click here.  The revenue generated by Gobot on your store can be found on your main dashboard.  To learn more about Transcript, click here.  To access a list of all of the contacts your bot has interacted with, click on the person icon in the navigation bar, as detailed here.


Your bot can automatically answer questions saving you precious time and reducing help desk ticket volume.  Your primary bot does not include this functionality but you can easily add it once you set up your Gobot knowledge base.  Click here to learn how.


Your primary bot is already set up to send confirmation emails to visitors that interact with your bot and submit their information.  As shown below, you can easily edit and customize these emails in email mode by clicking th email icon in the navigation bar or by clicking the email chat bubble directly in your bot script (and then clicking the email edit button in the right hand panel).  To learn more about using your bot to send your visitors emails, click here


If you want to add team members to Gobot you can do so by clicking Settings in the navigation bar and then clicking Team.  For more information on this topic, click here.

Gobot was built with privacy in mind.  If you want to control your bot's privacy and retention settings, e.g., to assure compliance with privacy laws such as Europe's GDPRA, find out more here.  Gobot allows you to control how long you hold on to any personal information you may collect and also to control collection in a smart way.  Gobot also allows your to log collection of personal information, which will come in handy if you are ever audited!

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