Filling gaps in your knowledge base

If you are using your chatbot to address visitor questions, you're going to want to watch your bot carefully to make sure it is in fact addressing questions posed by your visitors.  You can do this by reviewing individual chats your bots are having and making sure to update your knowledge base with articles that cover all of the topics your visitors are asking about.  You can access your bot's conversations by clicking on Conversations from bot mode, as shown below.

It can become tedious, however, reviewing each and every interaction your bot is having, especially if you have a high traffic site.  For this reason, we have updated the knowledge base mode to show Suggestion and Trends, which we detail in this article.  You can access Suggestions and Trends from knowledge base mode using the buttons in the horizontal navigation bar, as shown below.  You can leverage this information to fill gaps in your knowledge base. If, however, you are finding that you have articles addressing the relevant topics but your bot is not suggesting them in response to queries in a way you would expect you likely need to fine tune the setup of your knowledge base articles.  For guidance as to how to optimize your bot's performance, click here

Suggestions (coming soon!)

In Suggestions mode, you can see each and every query that your bot had no suggested response to in one location.  The way to remedy these gaps is to create new articles in your knowledge base addressing these queries.  Adding articles to your knowledge base will ensure that your bot has a response to all of the questions your visitors regularly pose.  After adding a new article to address the gap in your knowledge base you can click Clear to remove the unanswered question from your list in the red box below.

In Suggestions mode you can also see all articles that were negatively rated by your visitors.  In this case, rather than adding a new article, you're going to want to revisit, and perhaps edit, the negatively rated articles to make sure they offer the information your visitors were looking for.

Trends (coming soon!)

In addition to seeing questions your bot was not able to address in a single location using Suggestions, we've also include a Trends section so you can see the topics that visitors are asking about.  This is useful for a number of reasons.  First, if you see a particular topic trending you will want to revisit your knowledge base so as to make sure that it is sufficiently populated on this trending topic.  Also, you can leverage Trends to see changes over time as to what your visitors are most interested in.

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