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How do I make sure that visitors seeking demos or meetings are automatically booked with the right person on the right team?

Gobot goes beyond just automatically booking meetings for you 24/7.  With Gobot you can pose qualification questions to your visitors and, based on their responses, selectively book meetings with the right team, and/or the right person on that team.  This functionality goes above and beyond traditional team scheduling offerings on the market, e.g., offered by Calendy as seen here, which allows only for an auto-assignment, e.g., via round robin, or based on user selection.  Most scheduling offerings today do not allow you to automatically schedule with the right person based on your visitors responses to qualification or other questions - this is where Gobot comes in!  To illustrate how easy it is to leverage Gobot to qualify and then schedule with the right person on your team, we build a bot below employing this functionality for illustration purposes.  For this example, you will need a Calendly account or an account with another scheduling service.

Example bot script with advanced team scheduling:

The bot script starts off by inquiring if the visitor wants to a book a meeting.  The bot then inquires as to what team the visitor wants to speak with, and then poses various questions that allows the bot to book with the right member on that team.  In this example, the visitor wants to speak to sales and indicates that he is with a company with 1,000+ employees. Based on this response, the visitor is presented with the calendar of an enterprise sales representative with just the right skill set and knowledge. 

Use the Quick Reply functionality to create branches to your conversation.  For example, you can name one branch Sales and the other branch Support.  In the Sales branch you create a nested Quick Reply so as to inquire about the number of employees, and then within that branch include the Scheduling button arranged to open the correct calendar URL for booking with the right team member.

After dragging the Text button and setting up your opening message, drag the Quick Replies button into the bot script, as shown below.

Next, enter the text you want for this option in the right hand panel, in this case, "Sales".  Note that if the "Continue conversation" option is selected (which is the default), once a visitor clicks the "Sales" option, the conversation will continue post-click to whatever script elements appears within the Choice A box below - so the next step is to populate this box with additional script elements.  Before we do that, however, we should add another choice by clicking "+Add answer choice" and repeating the process but this time using "Support" for the choice text.

Ok, now that we have the two branches to our bot script set up (Sales and Support), we want t populate the bot script in the Sales branch.  In this example, this is where we are going to ask our qualifying questions so we can make sure, for example, that employees from large companies have access to an enterprise sales agent (rather than any random team member via round robin).  In the example, below you can see that we are dragging another Quick Reply into the Sales branch.

For the first branch we will choose less than 10 employees.  By clicking on "+Add another choice" we will also create other options/branches, including 10-1,000 and >1,000.

Next, we will drag the Schedule button into each branch.

As can be seen below, you have the option of choosing a different calendar URL for each branch. This is key because it allows you, for example, to include the calendar URL for an enterprise sale agent in the >1,000 and your team URL in the <10 branch, e.g, for round robin assignment (which many third party booking offerings include).  See, for example, Calendly's team scheduling functionality here.  If you are using Calendly, you can also paste different event URLs in different branches depending on what your goal is for your bot, etc.  If have a team of enterprise agents, you can use your team URL and turn round robin functionality on directly in Calendly.

Ok, that's it. Click Save and Publish and you are ready to go.  A bot that qualifies your visitors and makes sure they are set up to speak or meet with just the right person on the right team!

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