Can I use my bot to reduce cart abandonment?

Stores need to take a 360 degree approach to address the black hole known as abandoned carts. Use Gobot to proactively engage purchase ready visitors in order to make sure they don’t get stuck or distracted.

Gobot allows you to trigger your chatbot when a visitor opens or closes their cart. This is the ideal time to remind your visitors that you are there for them.  Offer to answer their questions, step them through the purchase process, or offer a last minute discount that expires in 15 minutes to create urgency.

These cart triggered chatbots are designed to be your eCommerce ninjas, engaging all of your almost-customers at the optimal time.

Can I use my chatbot to reduce cart abandonment?

Absolutely! Cart abandonment is a major issue for most websites.  So close to sealing the deal you want to make sure to do everything possible to re-engage and re-inspire.  This is the perfect use case for your chatbot.  Here is how to make it happen:

  1. Create a new bot and make sure to use your cart URL under the  General Tab of your Bot Settings.  This will assure that the bot will appear when your cart is opened.  If you are using Shopify, select the open cart or close cart triggers under Bot Settings/Tiggers, as shown below:
  2. Script your bot appropriately.  Identify typical reasons visitors abandon your cart and script your bot to address them head on. If price is often a last minute concern, you might consider having your bot offer a last minute incentive.  You might also want to use this opportunity to upsell or cross-sell, e.g., using your Shopify product carousel if you are a Shopify user, and then offer a special package price.  You can also use your chatbot to answer any last minute questions that may be holding your purchaser back from sealing the deal.

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