Gobot Chatbot Privacy and GDPR

Gobot has taken privacy by design to the next level.  At Gobot we take both you and your customers privacy very seriously.  

How does Gobot protect my privacy?

Rest assured Gobot does not sell any of your data!  Not our style...we much prefer bot building!  Gobot's privacy policy can be found here.   You can access Gobot's Privacy and GDPR page here.  Gobots privacy policy details what Gobot does with your data and how we secure your data.

How can I use my website chatbot to collect lead personal data in a manner compliant with privacy laws such as GDPR?

Use Gobot to facilitate your compliance with privacy laws, including but not limited to, Europe's privacy regulation GDPR. Complying with global privacy laws can be very complex and costly if you get it wrong.  Gobot is the tool you have been waiting for!

In some geographies you are only allowed to hold onto visitor data your bot collects for a limited period.  However, the allowable retention period varies depending on various factors including, in particular, the consent provided by your visitor. Gobot allows you to control how long your bot stores visitor data with precision far beyond other tools on the market.  Some companies simply wipe your valuable bot data indiscriminately after the retention period expires - not Gobot!

Gobot also makes it super easy to inform users what your going to do with their data, as required by certain privacy laws.  Best of all, Gobot logs all of your consents and opts outs so you can satisfy a government audit.

Click here for more detail and check out the section entitled "What are my rights under GDPR and how does Gobot facilitate my compliance?".


This website is not intended to provide legal advice.  You should not rely on this website for such, nor as a recommendation as to a particular legal understanding. Our goal is to provide background information to help you understand how Gobot has addressed some important legal points.  This information is not the same as legal advice where a lawyer applies the law to your particular circumstance.  Therefore, we suggest that you consult a lawyer to seek assistance in the interpretation of this information including its accuracy.

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