Gobot Access Rights

How do I control access rights to my chatbots?

Gobot allows for assignment of different access rights to users.  This is useful because you don't necessarily want all users to have access to billing information or to be able to export contacts, among other things.

Gobot provides for three different types of access: Administrators, Representatives, and Viewers.

Administrators have full and unfettered access rights.  Representatives have broad rights with various limitations as detailed below. Viewers have visibility but no edit access.

A Representative is someone using Gobot to answer questions and message your website visitors.

Representatives have access to:

  • their message inbox
  • contacts (but they can't export contacts)
  • conversation search

Representatives have visibility as to all of your team's bots, knowledge base articles and emails.  However, Representatives' edit rights only extend to bots, articles and email they have originally authored.  In other words, a Representative can create his or her own bots, articles, and emails but they cannot edit anyone else's bots, articles or emails.

Representatives do not have access to:

  • billing
  • team settings (reps can't add or delete team members or change their access)
  • contacts export
  • any omnibus settings like conversation routing or installation

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