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How do I use my chatbot to tag leads and customers?

This article elaborates on use of the Tag button tool in the right-hand panel of the bot builder.  You can tag an entire conversation, a contact, or both.  For example, you can tag a conversation for follow-up when a visitor leaves a question for you.  You can also tag a contact as a "High Potential" when your bot's contact qualification questions yield positive responses.  You can search all of your contacts and bot chats for tags for segmentation purposes.

Including a tag in your bot script:

Simply drag the Tag button from the right-hand panel into the center panel in your bot script.  For example, in Quick Replies scenario, my bot can ask website visitors if they are looking for a law service.  If they click Yes, I can tag them with a "Looking for a Lawn Service" tag.  I can also tag this contact for follow-up. Your bot will automatically tag the conversation or the contact engaging the bot as soon as the portion of your bot script containing the tag is reached during a conversation with the contact.  In this example, we would drag the tag into the Yes branch of the bot script so as soon as they click Yes they are tagged.

Filtering your bot chats using your tags:

After your bot has engaged with website visitors you can access all chats by clicking on the Chats button adjacent the bot title on the bot dashboard or in bot build mode.  You can filter all of your chats by tag by clicking on the pull-down menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen under the Back to bots button.  For example, using the above example, if you just want to see chats with contacts actively looking for a lawn service you could filter by the "Looking for a Lawn Service" tag.

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