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Gobot's Q&A and Knowledge Base functionality effectively reduces your help desk tickets by empowering your visitors to help themselves! As they say, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime! This article focuses on Gobot's Knowledge Base.

Click here when you are ready to learn about Gobot's Q&A functionality.  Click here if you don't want to use Gobot's Knowledge Base or Q&A functionality but would rather just send inquiries submitted through Gobot to your existing help desk platform, e.g., Zendesk or Freshdesk, etc.


Use Gobot's knowlege base as a repository for all of your frequently asked questions and help desk articles that you want to make available to your website visitors. There are three different ways you can provide your website visitors with access to information in your Gobot knowledge base:

1. Include a link to Gobot's knowledge base directly in your website. You can find your knowledge base link by clicking on the View Knowledge Base button in the hamburger menu adjacent the View Article button towards the bottom of the knowledge base center panel. Copy the URL once you arrive on the knowledge base site.  Then associate the URL with a "Help Center" button or link on your website, which will bring visitors directly to your knowledge base so they attempt to answer their own questions.  To see how you do this on a Shopify website, click here.

Gobot's knowledge base article editor

2. Include a Help button or tab directly on your website that upon click opens a bot with Q&A functionality allowing your visitor to enter a question that is searched against your knowledge base. Under the General tab of your Bot Settings page, select "Remains on your site at all times" and then choose either a button, tab or message bubble under the Style tab. When scripting your bot make sure to drag the Search Q&A button from the right hand panel into your script in the center build panel.

Building a chatbot that can automatically answer questions using your knowledge base

3. Create a Gobot chatbot that appears on your website, e.g., triggered by your visitors scrolling or time on site, and allows your visitor to enter a question that is searched against your knowledge base. Under the General tab of your Bot Setup page, select "Pops up under certain conditions". When scripting your bot make sure to drag the Q&A button in the right hand panel into your script in the center build panel.


To access your Gobot knowledge base editor, click on the Knowledge Base books icon in the vertical navigation bar and then click on any of the articles listed in your dash. To add a new Q&A click on the Create New Article in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard (or the lower left-corner of your builder) and then enter your Q&A content in the center and right hand panels. A list of your Q&A and/or articles will appear in the left-hand panel. Clicking on any Q&A in the left-hand panel allows you to edit its content in the center panel and modify various options in the right-hand panel. 

Designate your article as Draft in the right-hand panel until you are ready to publish.

Designate your article as a top suggestion if you want it to automatically appear below the Q&A search field in your chat even before a search query is entered.

Choose a Category and a Title for your new article.

Important: Enter well thought out bot training keywords for your article in the right-hand panel to make them more readily findable by someone entering a search query in your bot.  For tips as to how to train your help bot, click here.

Finally, add a brief description for your article.

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