Connect with your best leads in real-time.

Powering millions of conversations for businesses of all sizes.

Chat Live With Leads & Grow Your Funnel

Chat with the best leads while they're live on your site. Quickly movedeals through the pipeline, and easily measure ROI.

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Chatbots automate your marketing by qualifying leads, booking meetings, syncing data to your CRM & connecting live reps with the best leads in real-time.

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Automate customer service with a connected support bot and knowledge base that instantly answer customer's questions, replacing repetition with productivity.

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Chat live with qualified leads to accelerate your sales cycles & close more deals.

Easily chat with pre-qualified leads and customers in the right place, with exactly the right message, at the right time, on your website and inside of your app, across chat and email.

Live Chat & Bots. Better Together.

Focus your reps on what they do best & let smart bots handle the rest. Automatically route conversations to the right live reps based on availability, capacity, and expertise.

Empower Your Reps With AI

Gobot's contextual AI makes your reps even more efficient by recommending responses, displaying relevant product offerings, and displaying info from past conversations.

Respond While On The Go.

Respond to leads from wherever you are via Gobot's mobile app. Available for both iPhone & Android devices.

Leverage chatbots to prompt conversations with visitors & connect your business with qualified leads in real-time.

Think of bots as your personal website assistants, working 24/7 to engage visitors, ask qualifying questions, provide helpful content, answer questions, book meetings & more. Seamlessly route chats to the right reps at the right time.

Engage & qualify new leads

Hand-off to the right live sales rep

Book meetings with the best leads

Automatically qualify leads on your website, 24/7, 365.

You're 10x more likely to lose a lead forever if you don't respond to them within five minutes. Gobot solves this problem by automatically engaging targeted leads, asking your qualification questions and creating leads in your CRM.

Seamlessly route chats to the right live rep at the right time.

Automatically assign conversations based on lead qualification data collected by your bot, round robin,and more.

Automatically schedule qualified meetings without email ping pong.

Wake up every day to new qualified leads in your pipeline and booked meetings filling your calendar. Connect your Calendly account in one click. Gobot learns your schedule, asks qualifying questions, presents available times, and prioritizes meetings.

Enable your visitors to rediscover shopping in a conversational way.

Help shoppers find the perfect products, upsell & cross- sell, reduce cart abandonment and much more. Gobot automatically syncs with your store's product inventory and creates an intelligent shopping assistant in one click.

Get up & running in seconds with 100+ ready-to-use recipes.

Choose a ready-to-use chatbot recipe built by Gobot's conversational marketing expert team, or start from scratch with our simple & intuitive drag n' drop bot builder.

Qualify Leads

Engage targeted leads, asking your qualification questions and creating leads in your CRM.

Book Meetings

Automatically book meetings with qualified leads. Wake up every morning to booked meetings.

Answer Questions

Automatically answer customer and lead questions. Hand-off to your team when needed.

Build a smart chatbot that works as your website's personal assistant in minutes.

Gobot's intuitive drag & drop bot builder allows you to build a bot that works as your website's personal assistant in just minutes, totally code-free. Easily connect bots to your tech stack & build personalized conversation paths.

Targeted Triggers

Send the right message to the right person at the right time with targeted triggers like URL, location, and time.

Smart Branching

Easily allow chatters to take different paths depending on how they respond or interact with your bot.

Save Bot Conversations

When your bot hands over to live chat, reps can easily see the bot's chat transcript, creating instant context.

20+ Message Types

Send text, video, images, GIFs, multiple choices, polls, surveys, share buttons, calendars, emails, and much more.

Answer Piping

Use answer piping to personalize chats by reusing respondent attributes like name, location, email, and phone number.


Use webhooks to have your bot send data collected by your bot to any third-party app you choose.

Your bots run 24/7 on your website.

Gobot allows you to grow your business beyond human limits by working 24/7 to qualify leads, book meetings, answer questions, and ask each lead the right questions. Build personalized relationships with leads at scale.

Convert more visitors with conversational landing pages.

Static landing pages and intricate follow-up funnels don't work well anymore. Send ad-click prospects straight to a conversational landing page that creates a personalized experience and makes it easy to get in touch with the right person.

Convert more leads over time by automatically sending personalized email sequences.

Gobot can automatically send personalized emails and intelligent email sequences to your visitors depending on your visitor's unique interactions with your bot.

Power up with analytics and integrations.


Understand your team's performance and the ROI of your conversations


Connect Gobot to the tools that you already use. Automatically integrate with and sync data to Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier and more.


Build Gobot apps and integrations that allow you to send, receive, update, and/or delete collected information.

Automate repetitive customer service with an intelligent support bot & knowledge base.

Gobot automates Q&A and improves the customer experience by automatically answering customer's questions, and handing off to the right live rep when needed. Easily create a public help center that your bot uses to answer questions.

Gobot attempts to answer customers question

Customer views recommended answer

If needed, hand-off to the right support rep

Easily create, organize & publish help articles.

Write help articles, add media, organize by category, customize design & control visibility - in minutes. Your bots use these help docs to automatically suggest intelligent answers to customer's questions.

Track interactions & improve your help content.

Analyze customer’s interactions with your support bot in real-time to identify and fill in knowledge gaps. Gobot helps you understand what help content needs to improve and what needs to be written next.

Speak every customer's language.

Everything about Gobot is fully customizable. Easilymatch exact brand colors, change to your customers' preferred language, add custom branding, and more.

Automate actions on behalf of your live reps.

Automatically provide personalized answers to each customer's questions. Allow agents to hand-off repetitive tasks to smart, task-oriented chatbots. Allow agents to focus on the questions that matter.

Easily survey targeted visitors to gauge satisfaction and feedback.

Uncover valuable, in-the-moment insights with real-time, conversational website surveys. Automatically display surveys to visitors based on segment, URL, time, location, and more.

Tap into the power of conversational marketing.

Use real-time messaging to connect with your customers while they're live on your site, and leverage intelligent chatbots that automatically qualify leads, book meetings & connect your business with the best leads in real-time.