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Gobot allows your chatbot to follow your visitor across your entire site including pages where your bot is embedded and/or where your chatbot appears in a pop up chat window.  To learn about how to embed your bot into a page, click here. In this article you will learn how to use the embed bucket to control which portion of your chat flow appears embedded versus in your pop up chat window.

In bot build mode under Bot Settings / General, if you select for your bot to only appear embedded then the entire conversation flow will appear embedded. In this case, there will be no embed bucket to deal with in your bot flow.

If, however, you select either "Pops up under certain conditions" or "Remains on your site at all times" and also toggle on the Embed option, you will see the embed bucket in the center panel of your bot builder.  This embed bucket can be used control which flow appears in the embedded portion of your chat and which portion appears in your pop up chat window. 

Assuming you use the above settings, you will see an embed bucket fixed to the bottom of the center panel of the bot builder, as shown below.

Whatever chat elements you place in the embed bucket will not appear in your pop up chat window.  Rather, the chat elements in the embed bucket will only appear when you navigate to the URL where your chatbot is embedded (as set in Bot Settings / General, shown above).

In the example above, the first chat element that will appear embedded will be the Start Quiz button because it is the first chat element in the embed bucket.  

With that said, when the chat window pops up on any other URL other than the embedded URL, as shown below, the first chat element in the above example will be the Welcome to my store! text element because it is the first element in the bot builder center panel.

If you are using Gobot for its shoppable quiz functionality, as shown below, you should include your quiz or product finder element inside the embed bucket so that your quiz runs on your designated quiz page (the URL you designated for embed).

You can also run your quiz in the pop up chat window.  To do this simply drag the quiz or product finder element into the center panel but outside the embed bucket.  In the example above you will note that the bot flow includes a Quiz quick reply, which is where the product finder element was placed.  This allows a shopper to participate in your quiz both in the pop up chat window and also when on your dedicated quiz page where you quiz is embedded.

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