Using your Shopify bot to answer questions

How do I modify my primary Shopify bot to answer visitor questions?

As detailed in the Getting Started for Shopify Users article, after signing up for Gobot your "primary" bot will be automatically published on your Shopify store.  The main menu of this bot, called "Shopify onboarding bot", includes the following multiple choices: Shop!, Contact Us, Leave Feedback and Subscribe.  This article details how you can add a "Question?" choice to your bot's main menu allowing your visitors to get their questions answered automatically by your bot.  This bot functionality will dramatically reduce your help desk ticket volume!

  1. Set up your knowledge base: You will need to populate your knowledge base with articles that address common questions posed by your visitors.  Your bot will accept questions from your visitors, parse them, and then search your knowledge base for helpful articles that address the questions.  To learn more about Gobot's built-in knowledge base, click here.  To learn more about Gobot's Q&A functionality, click here
  2. Add Q&A functionality to your primary bot: Once you have your knowledge base set up, modify your primary bot by adding an additional choice to the Quick Reply in the main menu, call it "Question?".  As shown below, in bot build mode, click on the Add answer choice button towards the end of your primary bot's script in the center panel.

Choose the Text option in the right hand panel, click Save, and then you will see the following in the right hand panel.  Type "Question?" in the User Choice field and then click Save.

The tail end of your bot script will now include an additional Quick Reply Branch, as show below.  Drag the Search Q&A button from the right hand panel into this new branch.

Next, access the Knowledge Base drop down menu in the right hand panel and choose the knowledge base you want your bot to search against, as show below.

Finally, test your bot to make sure it works by clicking on the Test button towards the bottom of the center panel.  When your bot appears in test mode, click on the "Questions?" choice and you should be presented with a field to enter your inquiry.  Type your question in the field, press enter, and your bot should return suggested knowledge base articles that address your question (provided you populated your knowledge base with articles that address your question).

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