How to Install the Gobot Widget (a third-party livechat and chatbot app) on your Simvoly Site

You are almost there! A few quick steps and Gobot will be up and running on your Simvoly site. You only need to complete these steps once and Gobot will be able to run on all the pages of your Simvoly site.

  • Step 1: Sign up for a Gobot account here.  If you already have a Gobot account, proceed to step 2.
  • Step 2: Login to Gobot and copy the custom code snipppet for your bot.  You will need to paste this code snippet in Simvoly, which we detail in the next step.  You only need to do this one time and it will apply to all of the bots you ultimately create on Gobot.
    • Enter the requested information in the Gobot signup form (if you are creating a new account) or the Gobot login form (if you already have an account).  Once you are in Gobot, click Publish towards the bottom of the screen, followed by Install in the popup window, followed by Copy to Clipboard. Ok, now that you have the Gobot code snippet we will go to Simvoly to paste it in your code.
  • Step 3: Follow these Simvoly steps to paste your Gobot code snippet:
    1. Go to Simvoly page editor. 
    2. Go to Website Settings > Custom Code and select the Custom JavaScript tab. 
    3. Paste the embed code. Paste the Gobot snippet at the end of your code.

Congrats! Your Gobot is now officially connected to Simvoly. Go back to Gobot, select one of the pre-built bots in the left hand panel (chosen for you based on the goal you indicated during signup) or build a bot from scratch. Click on Publish towards the bottom of the page and then Close and Make Live.  Next time you visit your Simvoly site your new bot will welcome you!

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