Using Calendly with your chatbot to book meetings

Can I use my chatbot to schedule a call or meeting using Calendly?

Gobot is designed to automatically schedule calls and meetings for you without any of the email ping pong.  Gobot integrates with Calendly to make booking a breeze. In fact, you can use any scheduling or calendar system with Gobot - all you need is your calendar URL. Follow the basic steps below.

1. In bot mode, drag the Schedule button into your bot script.

2. In the right hand panel, enter your Calendly URL.  You can also edit the color of your scheduling button and the text inside of the button.  Lastly, you have the option of pausing the bot script until the Schedule button is clicked by your visitor.

When a visitor clicks on the Schedule button within the chat window, the Calendly window will appear allowing the visitor to select a time slot on whatever calendar you included in the right hand panel.

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