My lenses burn

*** Please do not dispose of products such as contact lenses and blister labels until the problem is solved by COLORCL. 

*Please proceed with the process below if there is no noticeable defect on the surface on the lens. If the lens has defect that you can see with naked eyes, please check the other Article, 'The lenses I received were ripped/scratched/dried.'

There are many reasons why the lens feels burning. To see the reason of the burning issue of your contact lenses, check the following cases and find out the cause.

Foreign substance
If the lens is covered with foreign substances such as dust or pollen, the user may feel burning issue. Or the soap, shampoo, hand cream and cosmetics that have not been washed out of your hands can also cause burning issue.  Because most problems occur for this reason, it is very simple, but it is very important to wash your hands and rinse the lens case well.

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Sensitivity to preservatives
It's possible that the preservatives in the solution where the lenses are stored makes burning issue. Therefore, the lens must be placed at least 10 minutes in a multi-purpose solution or other lens solution for storage purpose before use. In this process, cleaning solution contains the hydrogen peroxide must not be used.

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Proteins attached on the lens surface
If you wear a lens even one time, the protein in your eyes will be attached on the lens you wear. This protein cannot be completely removed even if the lens is properly cleaned and disinfected. As the amount of attached protein increases over time, the lens's oxygen permeability decreases and can cause irritation to the eye and burning sensation. Since the degree of protein being attached varies from person to person, the amount of protein remaining on the lens is different even if used at the same time.
The best way to remove the protein from the lens is to use a lens cleaner containing hydrogen peroxide. However, if possible, we recommend not using the solution containing hydrogen peroxide. Or, we recommend to use Largo solution after clean the lens with solution containing hydrogen peroxide. The reason can be found in the link below.

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Dry eyes
A person whose eyes are drier than others gets hurt easily. If you get a scratch on your eyes, such as your fingernails, you can feel burning when you wear contact lenses. For beginners who don't wear lenses well, there are quite a few cases where they stick their lenses on their fingers for a long time and stab their eyes in the process of trying to wear them. If this is the case, it is recommended not to wear contact lenses for at least a week and, if possible, to consult a doctor. It is also recommended that you put eye drops in at least once an hour if you wear them at a later.

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Lens allergy
Some people may have allergic to certain lens materials. Lens allergic reactions are accompanied by symptoms such as red eyes, itchiness and watery eyes. If this is the first time you've worn a lens from a blister, and you see side effects such as swollen eyes, blurred vision, or sore eyes, you should stop wearing it immediately and go to see a doctor. 

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In fact, burning issue of the lens is, very frequent problem at the same time and also a matter that can not know exactly the reason. If the user consult an doctor, the doctor may find the reason of an issue. However, most will only be instructed not to use the contact lenses.

Therefore, if something like this happens, please contact us via our Contact-Us page with heading 'Product Issue', with answers of the questions below. ColorCL will offer a replacement for one time. Free re-shipment is only possible with the same shipping method as the original order. If the same problem occurs on replacement, ColorCL will refund the product in question.

◆ Questionnaire for Quick customer service (Product Issue-burn)

  • When did you start wearing contact lenses?
  • How often do you wear contact lenses?
  • What defects are there in the product?
  • Before contacting us, what have you tried to solve the problem?
  • Do you still have the label of defective product? If so, please attach the picture of the product and label.
    (It's okay if we can't check the defect with the picture. The picture you sent us will be used for future meetings with the factory to improve quality. Also, it's for our support staff to verify the product.)
  • If we are sure that the product is defective, we will refund or send a replacement. If we can take action, which do you prefer, a refund or a replacement?
    (If you choose a replacement, we will ship you the replacement as the fastest delivery option we can offer, along with a free gift. Replacement is available only one time and will be refunded if the same issue arise again for a replacement.)

Thank you so much. Our support staff will contact you during business hours.

** In the event that the user's error is evident as follows, the user must pay for the reshipment fee.
     - Lenses are damaged or contaminated after they have been received by the recipient
     - User has not followed instructions that is provided by ColorCL

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