What if I have a different prescription for each eye?

Not a problem. Just follow the below instructions to order for individual lens values.

  1.  Check if both prescription values are available in the options.
  2.  Add the product that you want to your cart with your Right eye prescription.
  3. Proceed to checkout and write in the prescriptions that you want in the 'Order Note' section provided.
    (eg. Please send me R -1.00/L -2.00 prescriptions for my Siesta Brown lenses.)

COLORCL staff will check your 'Order note' description and send your products according to your noted prescriptions.

Also, there are some products that cannot be shipped for different prescription and should be ordered for your each prescription. 

Siesta Weekly (Original)
Siesta Black Monthly
Siesta Weekly Clear
Siesta Weekly Crystal Shades

*NOTE: If you select non-prescription (-0.00) even though your prescription is not non-prescription(-0.00), ship out will be delayed because your order must be modified before ship out.

*NOTE: If you enter a Power (SPH) that is not available for sale on the colorcl.com website, COLORCL will send you an email informing you that the power (SPH) is not available. In such cases, the order may be delayed in shipping. So, please make sure you order the power (SPH) available on the site, and if you need help reading the prescription, please Feel free to contact us via our Contact-Us page heading 'Prescriptions'. 

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