I've placed multiple orders. Could there be a problem?

If more than one order are placed to the same receiver & address, COLORCL will send an email to customer to confirm the orders are duplicated or not.  So if you place a new order even though there is an order that has not yet been shipped, delivery may be delayed because of the confirmation process.

If you want to quickly move on these steps, Please contact us via our Contact-Us page with the heading 'Modify order (pre-ship)', with the following information:

  • email address
    Orders that are placed by same email address will be shipped together.
  • Shipping method
    Required if orders are ordered by a different shipping method.
    • Shipping charges may be refunded if the total price of the total product exceeds the free shipping limits. Refund will be made if customer paid shipping fee twice.

* If a special discount is applied other than a certain percentage off discount (i.e. 10% off), the parcel will be shipped together but the shipping fee will not be refunded. 

** If you place a new order after the previous order has been shipped, we are unable to proceed both orders together.

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