Do I need a prescription to purchase COLORCL contacts?

No, a prescription is not required to purchase COLORCL Contacts. Customers with prescriptions should follow the directions received from their eye care specialist. Though prescriptions are not sent directly to us, we’d gladly assist in guiding you through them. Feel free to contact us via our Contact-Us page heading 'Prescriptions'.

*NOTE: Even if we don't require a prescription, the customer must check the prescription before ordering it. If customer orders without checking prescription, we may not be able to assist you in further problems due to order wrong prescription.

*NOTE: Customers with prescriptions that list any value of CYL and AXIS, or SPH containing (+) should not order COLORCL Contacts. These values mean that customers have Astigmatism or Hyperopia, which COLORCL Contacts are not suitable for. Please contact us by email for more information concerning these values.

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