How long do the lenses last if they are unopened?

As the label states, lenses have a life cycle of 5 years from the date of sterilization. You can check the expiration date on the blister labels of our contact lenses.

There is an hourglass symbol on the blister label.

*Hourglass symbol

Next to this symbol, there are numbers listed:


These indicate the expiration date.

For example, '20230815' correlates to 2023 August 15th.
For another example, '03/2023' correlates to 2023 February 28th.
If the blister pack remains unopened, the lenses are sterile and safe for use until this date. 

If you plan on storing your lenses for a long time after purchase, make sure you keep them in a cool dry place.

If possible, please use the lenses as soon as possible. We have specified that we can only help exchange or refund products if they are defective and we are contacted within seven days of receiving the lenses. It may be hard to help if you find a defect after too much time has passed.

*Please note that if the blister is opened, they will only be available for the replacement period listed on our website from the date they are opened.

If you need any help, please contact us via our Contact-Us page heading 'Product Enquiry'

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