How long can I use the lens solution and lens cases?

The lens case and solution must be regularly replaced to allow prolonged use of the lenses without any hygiene problems. Hygiene problems refer to the proliferation of microorganisms or contamination of lenses by proteins deposited on the surface of the lens or contact with something unsanitary. Therefore, before touching the lenses, the lens case, and the lens solution, make sure to wash your hands.

Below are some tips for managing the lens case and the solution. We've also included the replacement cycle for them.


  1. Make sure that the lens case is rinsed in clean water and dried thoroughly before using (DO NOT CLOSE THE LID OF THE CASE WHEN DRYING)
  2. The lens case must be replaced EVERY THREE MONTHS.
  3. Keep the lens case in cool, dry place (DO NOT STORE IN THE BATHROOM)


  1. Be sure to use a multipurpose solution or a solution formulated for lenses when storing the lenses (THE EYE MUST NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH SOLUTIONS THAT ARE ONLY MEANT FOR CLEANING)
  2. Never use an expired lens solution
  3. When storing used lenses, Replace the lens solution at least ONCE A DAY and if possible, do not store lenses in the same solution for more than three days.
  4. Keep the lens solution in a cool dry place (DO NOT STORE IN THE BATHROOM)

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