How do I make exchanges?

If you have read and agree to the terms in our Exchange Policy, please take some time to read some more details regarding exchanges below. 

If you haven’t read our Exchange policy yet, please click the link below and look it over first. 

- What is your Exchanges&Returns policy? by ColorCL FAQ 

The Exchange process is as follows:

1. Please check to see if an exchange is possible for you

   - Exchange is possible if following conditions are met:
   a) Blister is unopened
   b) A request for the exchange has been made within 7 days of receiving the product
       (If for special reasons you have exceeded 7 days, our staff can help you if you kindly explain it to us!)

   - Exchanges are not possible for the following:
   a) Free Products
   b) Trial Samples

* If you return a product without first confirming it with a ColorCL representative, you may have to pay for the return shipment fee.

2. Go to the local post office, safely repackage the items and send the package via 'First Class International Mail' or 'Priority International Mail'

The Return Shipping fees must be paid by the sender (customer). ColorCL will pay for shipping the replacements back to the customer.

(※The following is based on the US and may vary slightly by country.)

You can use 'First-Class Mail International' for returns.
Returns take approximately one month on average from the US, but may differ in other countries.

If you want it done more quickly, you can use 'Priority International Mail Service'. It's a little more expensive than 'First-Class International Mail' but delivery only takes 6 to 10 business days! (Prices start at $25.85~)

Our address for return shipments is:

Address 1: 351, Sunmoon-ro, Tangjeong-myeon
City: Asan-si
State: Chungcheongnam-do
Country: Republic of Korea
Zip code: 31457
Phone: +82-70-7717-1110 

* Please use the same name and email address used in placking the original order for filling out the sender information.

It's okay if you would like to use a different courier, please do so at your discretion. However, all replacements will be sent via the Post office or DHL express.

3.  Send the following information to ColorCL (By sending us this information, we can help you receive your replacements faster!)

   a) Return Tracking number
   b) Picture of the product (You can take a picture of the products before sealing the package. All products to be returned must be visible in the picture.)
   c) List of products you would like to have exchanged
   d) List of products you would like to receive for the returned items in (c)

You can send this information via our Contact-Us page with heading 'Exchanges & Returns*'.

4. Receiving the replacement

After the package arrives at out distribution center in Korea, it is inspected by our Quality Control team. After confirming the items in the package, the replacements are put in a new package and shipped out using the same method of shipment used in the original order. If you ordered with Standard shipping, your replacements will be shipped with Standard shipping as well. If you would like to upgrade your shipping method, you will have to pay extra.

Standard shipping is $7 and DHL express is $28 for the US. If you selected Standards shipping for your original order but would like to have your replacements shipped via DHL express, and additional shipping fee of $21 will be required.

The price varies by country so please Contact-Us if you would like to know more about the additional fees for upgrading shipping.

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