Can I use Hydrogen Peroxide lens solution to clean my contact lenses?

A lens solution containing hydrogen peroxide is mainly used to clean out proteins that may accumulate on the surface of the lens. The solution must not come into direct contact with your eyes. If used, the lens must be rinsed using the storage solution (multi-purpose solution) several times and stored in the storage solution (multi-purpose solution) for at least 30 minutes. If possible, it is recommended that you do this twice. 

Discard the solution that you used to store lens and clean the lens case. Then, add storage solution again to store the lens for another 30 minutes.

The colored parts of our color contact lenses are printed between the lens polymers so that they do not come into direct contact with the eyes and the colouring does not seep out of the lenses.

However, if possible, we don't recommend cleaning our products with hydrogen peroxide lens solutions. Being that our lenses are coated using technology developed for improved wearing comfort, cleaning them with hydrogen peroxide may cause the coating to peel off. Once the coating is damaged or removed, the lenses will be exposed and may cause discomfort.

We recommend using our Largo Solution to store the lens before wearing. We developed our Largo lens solution to work well with the coating technology used on our lenses. It produces a similar effect to that of the coating. It is recommended that the solution be used periodically as eye drops in addition to being your storage solution.

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