I received the wrong products. What should I do? (Contact lens only)

*** Please do not dispose of products such as contact lenses and blister labels until the problem is solved by COLORCL.  

If you have received a product that has different colors, power(prescription), etc., please contact us via our Contact-Us page with heading 'Product Issue', with answers of the questions below. Our support staff will help you right away!

◆ Questionnaire for Quick customer service (Product Issue-Wrong product)

  • Do you still have the label of defective product? If so, please attach the picture of the product and label.
    (The picture you sent us will be used for future meetings with the factory to improve quality. Also, it's for our support staff to verify the product. )
  • Please send us your prescription from eye care specialist if it's a matter of prescription. Or else, please provide us with information to say that you have ordered the correct prescription for your eyes.
  • If we are sure that the product is defective, we will refund or send a replacement. If we can take action, which do you prefer, a refund or a replacement?
    (If you choose a replacement, we will ship you the replacement as the fastest delivery option we can offer, along with a free gift.)

Thank you so much. Our support staff will contact you during business hours.

Just in case, the following are the cases that we are unable to offer you free exchange or refund:

a) Ordering errors and wrong shipping addresses
b) Choosing the wrong options (prescriptions)
c) Items are damaged or contaminated after they have been received by the recipient.
d) Simple remorse by customer

For more details, please check other article, What is your Exchanges&Returns policy?

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