How can I join your Affiliate program?

Those who meet certain conditions will be given the opportunity to join the Affiliate Program.

To take part in the program, you must have a social media account and a certain number of followers and subscribers.

Even if the above conditions are met, the following additional factors are reviewed periodically to determine whether participants in the affiliate program fit the needs of the brand. 

a) Update cycles for new posts
b) Number of views per post
c) Types of content
d) The quality of pictures and/or videos
e) Knowledge of contact lenses
d) Performance in the Referral Program
e) Level of enthusiasm and effort with which content is made

* Association with the Affiliate program is not permanent. Participants in the Affiliate program will be reviewed every six months and the collaboration may be terminated if the results from periodic review do not meet the aforementioned conditions. Other brand related concerns may also be a factor for terminating a collaboration. 

*Tip! For those that have done well in the referral program, we are more than happy to review your application for our affiliate program.
However, rather than waiting on an application to go through, there is plenty to benefit from focusing on the referral program. 

You can apply for the Affiliate program through the link below:

- Application for Affiliate Program of ColorCL

After an application is filled out and sent, it will be reviewed by our marketing team. If an applicant is selected, notification will be sent to the email address listed on the application.

If you already have an account, log in with below link: 

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