What are the different shipping methods?

* Due to Covid19,  the delivery service provided by the International Post office has been suspended. For now, only DHL express is available. If the post office resumes the services, we will provide the service again. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Standard Shipping and EMS express are services provided by the post office.

DHL Express is provided by DHL express (Global).

Estimated Time of Delivery (ETD) can be checked at the cart page. At least one product must be added at the cart to check the ETD.

Please check following link for (ETD) Estimated time of delivery:


Estimated Shipping Fees
Standard Shipping – $6.50 to $8.0 USD
EMS Express – $28 to $31 USD
DHL Express – $28 to $40 USD

*Please note that shipping rates and transit times can vary by country

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