PayPal is not available in my country. Are there other payment methods other than PayPal?

Don't worry, we know PayPal isn't available in every country. Although we haven't found a payment service that is more widely accessible than PayPal yet, there is another way.

We've made it possible for supporters residing in such to place draft orders and pay with WesternUnion (WU). If you choose to pay with WesternUnion, you would bear the cost for the applicable WU service fees . 

For assistance, please send us a list of the products you want to purchase and your shipping details. It must contain product name(s), prescription (if applicable), and quantity for the order list. For the shipping details, we need your full name, phone number, address, zip code, city, state and country.

  • Product details

Product name / Prescription (Option) / Qty
ex) Siesta Original Sugar Brown / -0.00 / 1

* Or, you can send us a picture of your cart page if you would like.

  • Shipping details

Zip Code
Phone number

  • Other details

Coupon code (if applicable)
Shipping method

* Shipping methods vary by country. To check which shipping method is available for your country, please add at least one product to your cart and go to the cart page. You can check the Estimated Shipping after selecting the country, state and zip code.

Example for Estimate ShippingExample for Estimated Shipping (What is included in the above picture is subject to change)

If sending us the list of products seems confusing, you can simply send us the picture(s) of your cart page.  Be sure to sign up for an account at and save your address in "My account > Addresses". Please email us a photo of the cart page and your ID, via our Contact-Us page with heading 'Western Union & Bank Transfer'.
* Please don't forget to notify us after you saved your address information on your account. If you don't notify us, our staff may ask you for the shipping details again.

The order processing department will draft your order manually and send you an invoice via email. You can check the information of our Western Union or Bank account in the corresponding invoice.

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