Ecommerce Session Duration Boost

How To Boost eCommerce Session Duration Via Guided Selling

Amazon boasts an average session duration of over 6 minutes. 

For many stores, boosting session duration, aka average time on page, is critical to success.

Of course, we all would prefer that shoppers arrive at our store, buy immediately, don’t ask questions and come back over and over again.

However, we know full well that the longer a shopper lingers in our store, investing time and energy in the process, the more likely they are to ultimately buy, and buy more!

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Ecommerce Shopify Subscription API & Apps

Shopify Subscription API & Subscription Apps – The Ultimate Guide

Consistent, predictable monthly revenue is incredibly appealing to any ecommerce business owner.

And if you look at the success that subscription model leaders like The Dollar Shave Club and Birchbox have had with monthly recurring revenue, it’s easy to understand why practically everyone in ecommerce is thinking about subscriptions, and why Shopify is making some big moves in the subscription space. 

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