Use Chatbots To Increase Conversion Rate & Sell More

Boost Store Sales With A Personal Shopper Bot

Let’s discuss how chatbots can help you dramatically increase store conversions, increase average order value, and decrease cart abandonment.

Most of us have experience shopping both online and in brick & mortar retail stores.  There are clear pros and cons to each experience.

Retail stores are great when you want to touch and feel the product, or where the choices are so voluminous that a salesman is really helpful to narrow the field.

Online shops, however, can be faster, convenient, and often less expensive than their brick & mortar counterparts.  

While there is often more information available online than in a store, it is not unusual for the one piece of information you really need, before you hit that button to buy something, to be difficult to find online or not available.  

Of note, the online shopping experience typically lacks a salesperson to approach and facilitate the shopping experience.  

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Grow your email list and sales by replacing popups with chatbots

Popups Vs. Chatbots For Lead Generation

At Gobot, we are wacky about website chatbots!  

Our recent private launch was met with an overwhelmingly positive response: website owners have been long awaiting a super easy-to-build website chatbot that engages visitors, helping to grow your email list and boost sales!   

Messaging has become the mode of communication.  

There is tremendous room for bot utilization and we expect quick uptake on websites.

The engagement possibilities are endless, and (sing it with me) what the World needs NOW is a blog that catalyzes this movement by exploring different web bot use cases.  

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