Anonymous Shoppers Issue

The Rise of Shopper Anonymity – Is your Shopify Store Ready? 

Our Ecommerce customers are dealing with the rise of ad costs and reduced targeting accuracy every day but this issue rarely gets any real news. So we were delighted to see Forbes’ report on the topic recently.

The Forbes article is entitled “Anonymous Visitors Are On The Rise: Is Your E-Commerce Business Ready?”. The article speaks to the increasing trend of anonymous visitors to Ecommerce websites and the importance for businesses to be prepared to cater to this audience. 

Anonymous visitors are most typically folks who visit an Ecommerce website without subscribing, creating an account, or logging into a previously created account. Anonymous visitors can also include visitors that have shared their email addresses previously but revisit only after their cookies have expired.

The Forbes article highlights that businesses need to adapt to this trend or be left behind. As Forbes details, there are three layers of online anonymity. We discuss each in turn below and share a dead simple solution to the anonymity issue that no Ecommerce business can afford to ignore.

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Recover More Revenue With Klaviyo Abandonment Flows

How to Recover More Abandonment Revenue With High Converting Klaviyo Flows

From warm welcome emails to repeat gentle drip marketing campaigns to reengagement, you want to make sure your store has a smart plan to stay top of mind. All the while, being careful to not turn anyone off. 

Based on our experience with hundreds of top Shopify brands, many stores invest real money in their campaigns but still miss a key component – abandonment flows. These fully automated flows are key to rounding out a store’s marketing strategy. 

In this article we’re going to get into the fundamental abandonment flows, and why you should have an automation set for each of these flows. 

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