Confused shoppers don't buy. 1:1 Guided Experiences fix that.

Ask every shopper the right questions, recommend their perfect products, collect First-Party Data, and personalize emails/SMS/site content with collected data.


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Top Ecommerce brands leverage 1:1 Guided Experiences to:

Collect First-Party Data while guiding shoppers to the right products for them.
Many shoppers aren't sure which product is right for them, causing confusion and abandonment. Gobot’s conversational AI Guided Experiences engage with shoppers and guide them to the right products. Collect valuable First-Party data while increasing conversions, AOV, and CSAT. Bring the in-store guided shopping experience online.
Personalize email and SMS marketing with First-Party Data. Increase revenue with relevance.
Send personalized emails and text messages that reflect each shopper's expressed needs and wants. Integrate with your existing email/SMS platforms. No more generic messaging sent to every subscriber.
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Personalize website content with First-Party Data to increase conversions.
Drive up conversions, AOV, and engagement by making every shopper feel like your website content is curated specifically for them. Automatically badge relevant products as “For You”, merchandise category page products, adapt messaging/visuals/layouts, and more.

Platform Overview:

No-Code Experience Builder
Gobot's robust no-code Guided Shopping flow builder enables the building, designing, and management of Guided Shopping experiences from one easy to use platform. No IT or heavy lifting needed. Translate into any language. Built for enterprise scale.
Real-Time Analytical Insights
Monitor engagement levels, revenue analytics, product recommendations, leads captured, and more. Pass event data into Google Analytics for even more insights. We make it easy to fully understand the ins and outs of quiz performance.
Fully Customizable Design
Match your brand by customizing colors, fonts, sizing, positioning, and more. We'll make sure your Guided Shopping experience feels like it was natively built for your site. Publish in minutes by adding a single line of code.
Powerful product recommendation logic
Gobot leverages deep product understanding, internal auto-merchandising, inventory sync, and auto-tagging to power spot-on recommendations, even for brands with hundreds, thousands, or millions of SKUs. Our synced product data feed and auto-merchandising saves countless hours of manual tagging, labelling, and maintenance. If your store sells more than ~30 SKUs, basic quiz recommendation logic won't cut it for you.
Engaging Conversational AI
Conversational quizzes convert better than static question > answer > question > answer quiz flows. Gobot's engaging Conversational AI listens to your shoppers, learns their needs and wants, customizes the entire Guided Shopping flow based on each shopper's individual requirements, and leads them towards the products that are right for them.
AI answers questions about recommended products, 24/7
Don't just recommend the right products - answer any questions shoppers have about those products as well. All directly within the Guided Shopping experience, right after product recommendations are made. Reduce support burden, improve customer satisfaction, and slash response times. If Gobot can't answer a question, it can open a new ticket with full conversational context in your existing helpdesk (like Gorgias) and/or seamlessly transition to your existing live chat. Pass product recommendation and answer choice data into your helpdesk upon handover for full visibility.
Assist abandoning visitors with Exit Guidance tech
Many shoppers abandon because they encounter choice paralysis and aren’t sure which item is right for them. Gobot’s exit intent tech detects abandoning visitors and proactively reduces abandonment with a Guided Shopping overlay that helps them find their perfect items.
Powerful integrations with your Ecommerce platforms and favorite apps
Activate collected First-Party Data across your tech stack with a wide array of robust no-code integrations. Connect to your Ecommerce platform to create a synced product data feed.

White-glove setup and management. Your First-Party Data partner.

From initial strategy to post-launch optimization, your dedicated success team will design and develop campaigns to align with your brand design, customer journey, tech stack, and growth goals. We dive in deep and serve as a true extension of your team, saving you time and resources.
We study your website and products to thoroughly understand your brand.

We'll do a deep dive into your business to understand your pain points. Then, we'll translate this knowledge into an actionable plan.

We get you entirely set up and ensure your ongoing success with market-leading ROI.

With our newfound understanding of your business, our team of eCommerce experts, copywriters, graphic designers, and data analysts will set up and implement your guided shopping experience.

We improve your performance and ROI by monitoring Gobot stats and optimizing.

We'll keep a close eye on performance and consistently provide suggested improvements/updates.

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