How Colorescience Leverages Guided Shopping & Zero-Party Personalization To 2.92x Conversions and 1.3x AOV
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We have partnered with Gobot to offer a product recommendation quiz to help the shopping experience of our customers. Colorescience is a professional skincare brand, and offering a guided selling experience has helped new customers find the right product for their skincare goals or concerns, and existing customers discover new products.

We saw the value in Gobot very fast, with average order value and conversion rate lifts for those going through the quiz. Thanks to the quiz, we also received less customer service inquiries. We are excited to continue building on this success by creating new quizzes to continue improving the customer experience.

The partnership has been really amazing. With Gobot, we feel that we have a true partner.

Margaux Vallino Reese
Director of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, Colorescience
Colorescience’s award winning line of skincare protection and rejuvenating cosmetics win skin care battles before they are fought. 

From sunlight, to pollution, to free radicals, Colorescience goes way beyond UV - they’re obsessively overprotective about leveraging minerals to prevent skin damage. 

And that’s exactly why physicians love them. 
With an ever expanding and innovative cosmetics offering, Colorescience was keen on making it easier for shoppers to identify the perfect skincare items and routine based on their individual needs and preferences.

They also wanted to collect and leverage zero-party data to personalize marketing campaigns and protect themselves from privacy changes + the upcoming cookie ban in a fully compliant way.
Colorescience chose Gobot’s Zero-Party Data Platform to address their challenge.

The Gobot team worked closely with Colorescience to create the ultimate Virtual Skincare Advisor.

It guides shoppers to curated product recommendations based on their responses to quick, engaging, targeted questions. This significantly increases Colorescience's conversion rate and improves the customer experience.
Colorescience features their “Find the Perfect Product” Guided Shopping experience in a primary banner on the homepage of their store website.
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They include multiple other Guided Shopping CTAs across their website as well. This makes the experience easily discoverable for all new and returning shoppers.

The experience has a > 80% completion rate for those who engage.

Shoppers who engage with the Guided Shopping experience are 2.92x more likely to convert than shoppers who don't.
We attribute this to three main factors: 

1) The intelligence behind the product recommendations.
To enable spot-on product recommendations, Gobot’s automatic product merchandising and tagging ingests, reads through, labels, and syncs Colorescience's full product data feed, all in real time. Auto-categorization and labeling understands product nuance and saves countless hours of manual tagging.
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2) The fun, engaging, conversational nature of Gobot's Guided Shopping experiences.

3) Close ongoing involvement with Gobot's team of experienced eCommerce professionals.
From initial onboarding to ongoing optimization, the Gobot team has been and continues to be Colorescience's true Guided Shopping partner.

We learned the ins and outs of Colorescience's products and customer journey, handled the full setup process, coordinated stylistic choices and iconography, handled connection to their full tech stack (including zero-party data within Klaviyo Flows/Campaigns), actively manage ongoing tracking of shopper engagement + key revenue uplift KPIs (all plugged directly into Google Analytics), spearhead ongoing optimizations to the experience, and more.

It's also worth noting that Colorescience's team has full access to the "back end" (Gobot's robust no-code zero-party data platform) as well. They frequently jump in and make their own edits. Our platform is easy to use and enables speedy editing via its intuitive drag-and-drop journey builder, designer, and product recommendation interfaces.
Email Opt-Ins and Zero-Party Data Collection
By including an email opt-in opportunity before product recommendations are shown, Colorescience is able to pair zero-party answer data with collected emails, dramatically building up their bank of owned zero-party data. 
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This enables Colorescience to send highly personalized marketing communications based on each shopper's expressed needs and wants.
Collected zero-party data is automatically syndicated with Klaviyo as Custom Properties and Colorescience's entire tech stack to enable a whole new level of personalized marketing. 
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Colorescience also targets abandoning visitors overcome by choice paralysis with Gobot's exit overlay functionality. This enables them to convert abandoning shoppers into paying customers.

Over 25% of revenue driven by Colorescience's Guided Shopping functionality originates from their exit overlay.
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How Colorescience Created Valuable Zero-Party Personas
Before launching their Guided Shopping experience, Colorescience reflected on the customer information they needed to collect in order to provide more personalized experiences and tailored marketing communications - their Zero-Party Customer Personas. 

Each customer in a Customer Persona is motivated by a specific interest or has a specific preference.

Colorescience is now able to collect this data and use it throughout their email, SMS and ad campaigns. 

Based on each question answered, a customer is provided curated smart product recommendations specifically tailored to their interests. Colorescience has such a wide variety of skin care products and cosmetics that guided shoppers can be presented curated recommendations from hundreds of different product SKUs. 

Additionally, all of this data is leveraged behind the scenes via Klaviyo to enable spot-on communications that resonate with each of their shoppers.

The zero-party data Colorescience is consensually collecting to build Customer Personas includes the following: 
The shoppers' age range

Knowing your shoppers' average age range is very useful. First, it helps you find your customers as different age groups require distinct targeting strategies. It also helps you focus your marketing content because different age groups will respond to different content. 
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The shoppers' skin type

Knowing your shoppers' skin types allows you to make sure you are offering products that are optimized for them. You can also use this information to make sure your website and marketing communications include content that is interesting to shoppers with this skin type.
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The shoppers' skin goals

Knowing your shoppers' skin goals allows you to make sure your products are addressing their concerns. You can also use this information to make sure your website and marketing content is informative on these skin concern related topics.
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Shopper skin sensitivities

If your shoppers are sensitive to particular ingredients this is important information! You can leverage this information to inform your product offering and also to serve up marketing content addressing these sensitivities.
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Why are zero-party buyer profiles important?
Improve your retargeting

Retarget participants with highly personalized ads specific to their expressed wants and needs. 

Upload persona specific lead lists into Facebook Ads Manager and retarget shoppers based on what they told you actually matters to them as opposed to based on guesses around what is interesting to them.

Traditional tracking is quickly becoming obsolete, and the vast majority of iOS devices have opted out of tracking. Brands now have to focus on collecting zero-party data, building out their own cohorts, and targeting based collected direct intent data.

Prospect more profitable audiences 

Create lookalike Facebook audiences in Facebook Ads Manager. If you find certain buyer profiles have a higher conversion rate or average order value, advertise to similar audiences so as to boost the return on your advertising investment.

Focus brand messaging 

Knowledge is power. Understanding who your customers are and where they spend their money allows you to more strategically position your products and brand.

Informed product development

Stores often work blind based on gut feeling and limited data. Your store may be over or under serving products to particular customer personas. Guide product development using actual customer data as gleaned by your guided shopping experience.
Conversion rate, average order value, and time on site are all significantly higher for shoppers who engage with Colorescience's Virtual Skincare Advisor than for shoppers who don't.

The Gobot team continues to remain closely involved by monitoring engagement levels, optimizing flows, helping Colorescience use collected zero-party data across their marketing campaigns, leveraging relevant video content to bolster product recommendations, and more.
Higher Conversion
Higher AOV
Higher Time On Site
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