Personalize your email and SMS marketing with First-Party Data

Send emails and texts that speak to your customer's individual wants and needs. Personalize flows and enable smart segmentation to increase revenue/AOV and protect yourself from iOS privacy changes.


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Email and text your customers like the unique individuals they are

Leverage First-Party Data collected across your quizzes, surveys, and pop-ups to hyper-personalize your email and SMS marketing, pre-purchase and post-purchase.

Top eCommerce brands leverage First-Party Email/SMS Personalization to:

Personalize welcome flows based on collected First-Party Data
Start personalizing welcome flow emails based on who each customer actually is. Leverage expressed preferences, personality traits, and situational context to personalize copy, imagery, and educational content. Increase relevance, build rapport, and drive up conversions.
Email or text customers targeted product recs
Send quiz takers a copy of their personalized product recommendations via email or text. Leverage collected First-Party preference data to ensure hyper accuracy and relevance. Automatically follow up with non-purchasers at the right time.
Segment customer lists and send targeted campaigns
Create targeted customer segments with collected First-Party Data. Improve effectiveness by sending relevant campaigns to different customer segments.
Integrated with your favorite email and SMS platforms
Pass collected First-Party Data into Klaviyo, Attentive, Postscript, and others to hyper-personalize your email/SMS flows and campaigns.

Your true First-Party Data partner

From initial strategy to post-launch optimization, your dedicated success team will work with you to align campaigns with your brand design, customer journey, tech stack, and growth goals.
Ready to grow your brand with First-Party Data?
Start leveraging the power of First-Party Personalization in a cookie-less world.